How To Attach Lights To Deck Railings

Adding lights to your deck railings can be a simple way to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. Dinner parties and barbecues are instantly taken to a whole new level by the ambiance that lighting can provide.   Fortunately, it’s a fairly straightforward process to DIY your own deck railing lights.   Let’s go […]

How Much Do Glass Railings Cost?

Glass deck railings can add an elegant and modern look to your property, whether that be on your deck or your balcony. They have increasingly become a popular choice for those wanting a more custom finish to their build.   But are glass railings an affordable option?   We break down the benefits of glass […]

Why Buy Custom Railings

Many homeowners go out of their way to transform the home they live in into the home of their dreams. They remodel kitchens, add bathrooms, and finish up those basements. Another thing more and more homeowners are doing, however, is building custom decks on their home. They’re seeking professional deck installation, and many want to […]

How To Install Aluminum Railing On Stairs

Just bought aluminum railings or planning on installing a set onto your stairs? Making sure you have everything in place and follow the right steps will ensure that the railings are secured properly. Here’s a helpful guide that can be used for many different railings. A Guide To Installing Aluminum Railing On Stairs First, you […]

Deck Care & Maintenance Tips For Winter

It’s important that you take proper measures to protect and maintain your deck during the winter. As you know, your deck will be exposed to a lot of moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and even freezing. Here are some of the things that you will want to do to preserve your deck. 1. Brush Away the Snow […]

How Much Does A Glass Barrister Cost?

A deck is an elevated surface. Therefore, by necessity, all decks must have some kind of railing in order to ensure that it is safe and functional. While some people opt for wood or metal for their barrister or railing, there are more modern options available. A glass deck railing can be attractive and safe. […]

What Is The Best Material For Deck Railings?

When it comes to getting the best deck railing for your home, you need to find the best material that works for it. Choosing the right deck railing material, one that is worth the value and made for the long-term, can often be challenging for homeowners.  In order to find the best possible deck railing […]

How to Install Aluminum Railing

The process of installing aluminum deck railings is fairly straightforward as long as you follow the crucial steps in the right order. Today, we will go over the five necessary steps of this installation, but before that, you should gather the materials and tools you will need. The tools you will need for the job […]

9 Deck Railing Ideas to Try this Summer

There are many reasons to try and spruce up your deck railings this summer. First, the pandemic has made outdoor activities much more enjoyable. Second, we often look at this area without any creative intent, in spite of its versatility. And finally, with all of the extra time at our homes, changing small areas has […]