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How Much Does A Glass Barrister Cost?

A deck is an elevated surface. Therefore, by necessity, all decks must have some kind of railing in order to ensure that it is safe and functional. While some people opt for wood or metal for their barrister or railing, there are more modern options available. A glass deck railing can be attractive and safe. However, how much does a glass barrister cost? Here are the three points you need to know.

Three Points That Affect The Cost of Glass Barrister in Calgary 

The Type of Mounting Will Affect Your Cost

As you might suspect, not all glass deck railing systems are the same. There are affordable options, and there are expensive alternatives. This cost usually has to do with the mounting materials. For example, some options come with wood mounting. This is the most affordable choice. For a more upscale look, you could get a metal mount such as stainless steel. These options will increase your total cost.

You Can Save Money on the Handrail

If you are going to have a handrail on your deck, then you will have to factor in the cost of the handrail for your overall system. Just like with the mounting materials, the handrail materials will also affect your total cost. Most people match their handrails to the mounting system. This means that metal handrails are used with metal systems. The cost is likewise comparable. If you go with something metal for your handrail, you can certainly expect to pay more.

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Deck Size and Features Can Change Your Price

This probably goes without saying, but larger decks require more decking materials. They also require more glass deck railing. Therefore, you will likely pay more to complete work on a large deck than a smaller one. Additional features like stairs will bump up the price even more.

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