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How To Attach Lights To Deck Railings

Adding lights to your deck railings can be a simple way to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. Dinner parties and barbecues are instantly taken to a whole new level by the ambiance that lighting can provide.


Fortunately, it’s a fairly straightforward process to DIY your own deck railing lights.


Let’s go through the steps.


Steps For Attaching Lights To Your Deck Railing


  1. Choose Your Lights


The style of lights can impact the look and quality of your final result.


A popular choice is outdoor rope lights, as they can be installed underneath the banister’s overhang. The lights are also protected by the translucent rope, making them more durable.


Also, consider the type of light that you plan to use. LED lights tend to be preferable, as they are more energy-efficient and can better stand up against Canadian temperatures.


There are also solar-powered options if you don’t have a plug-in close enough to your deck.


  1. Measure Your Space


Take the time to mark a route for your lights. This will help ensure that you have enough rope light and bring your attention to any tricky corners or changes of direction.


  1. Install Brackets


Screw the brackets into the deck railing


Where you want the lights to sit will dictate where the brackets go. However, if you do choose to install your lights under the railing’s banister, screw the brackets underneath the overhang. Hiding the brackets allow for a more polished look.

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Ensure the brackets are close enough that the rope lights don’t sag. Distancing the brackets appropriately 18” apart is a good place to start, though feel free to move them closer if the rope lights don’t have the tension you want.


  1. Add the Lights


Now that the brackets are installed, pop the rope light into the brackets. 


Be mindful of any corners or turns. Pulling the rope too tight or placing it at too hard of an angle can lead it to snap or fray over time, especially during cold weather. Softly bend the rope light and give it room to curve.


That’s all there is to it! Attaching lights to your deck railing can take minimal effort but add maximum effect. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new and improved outdoor space.



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