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Deck Care & Maintenance Tips For Winter

It’s important that you take proper measures to protect and maintain your deck during the winter. As you know, your deck will be exposed to a lot of moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and even freezing. Here are some of the things that you will want to do to preserve your deck.

1. Brush Away the Snow

It’s important to remove the snow that lands on your deck and deck railings in Calgary. The weight of the snow may warp your deck. It can also lead to freezing as the snow melts and turns to ice overnight.

Rather than use a shovel that can damage your deck, you want to use a broom to sweep it away. It is the best way to get rid of the snow. You should only use a shovel if there is a lot of snow and it should only be used to remove the top layers of snow.

2. Removing Ice

If you’re trying to remove ice, make sure you don’t use salts or other chemicals. This will get rid of the weather sealant that’s there to protect your deck. The best way to remove ice is to use a blunt object to gently chip it away. Don’t forget to remove ice from your deck railings as well, especially if they are made out of wood.

3. Apply Sealant Before Winter

If you haven’t applied sealant or it’s been a while since you’ve applied it, you’ll need to seal your deck before winter hits. The sealant is there to repel the water so that moisture doesn’t seep in and wear away at your deck. The sealant will also prevent your deck from warping and cracking caused by moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

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4. Remove Debris and Furniture

You want to be active about removing debris on your deck. They tend to be very annoying to remove if they set in because of the moisture and ice. You also want to clear away your furniture because they absorb and hold moisture. This moisture can leak into your deck over time.

5. Inspect Your Deck Before the Winter

Finally, you want to inspect your deck before the winter. You want to look for cracks, mold, and mildew. These problems will get far worse when exposed to the winter elements. You’re going to save more money by identifying and repairing problems on your deck early.

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