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What Is The Best Material For Deck Railings?

When it comes to getting the best deck railing for your home, you need to find the best material that works for it. Choosing the right deck railing material, one that is worth the value and made for the long-term, can often be challenging for homeowners. 

In order to find the best possible deck railing in Calgary, it’s important to know your options, and the factors that can impact your choice. 

Types of Materials for Deck Railings in Calgary 

Currently, there are four major types of materials available for purchase, including: 

Cable Railings

  • Similar to aluminum railings, this option is designed to last for years without corroding or rusting. It’s considered a high-end choice, but is not overly aesthetically pleasing. 

Wood Railings

  • A fine choice for many homeowners, as wood offers that classic, traditional look that really brings out a home’s qualities. However, if the wood is not properly maintained, it can start to rot and warp. 

Aluminum Railings

  • Considered one of the better options available on the market. High-quality aluminum deck railings in Calgary are designed to withstand the city’s changing weather conditions, while remaining extremely long lasting and durable. In terms of maintenance, very little work is required, thereby saving you time and money. 
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Glass Railings

  • An excellent choice for deck railings. Glass deck railings are recognized for those looking for a long-lasting material that does not fade, rot, rust or break down. This is because the glass is tempered, making it stronger than regular glass windows. 

How to Choose the Best Deck Railing Material in Calgary 

Your options for deck railings in Calgary are all fine choices. But choosing one over the other depends on what you want for your home. One choice might be better than another, so you have to consider these factors when choosing your material: 

The Environment 

  • It is always a good idea to consider the weather around your area. Considering Alberta can experience a range of different weather patterns, from dry to full blown snowstorms, it is imperative that you choose the materials that will be least impacted by the weather, thereby remaining in top condition. 

Exposure To People

  • How often will your railings be used? The more it is exposed to people and high traffic areas, the more it will lead to possible dings, scratches and marks. That means more maintenance to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. Think about where you plan to put your railings and how you plan to maintain it. 

Size, Shape & Design 

  • The amount and size of your deck railings should be considered when choosing a material. Not only does it impact the overall cost, but the amount of maintenance will be impacted. Also, some materials are not as flexible when it comes to be designed in specific shapes. 

We hope that this blog post will guide when it comes to choosing the right materials for your deck railings in Calgary. Take the time to do research, speak to professionals and discover the perfect material for your railings. 

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