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How To Install Aluminum Railing On Stairs

Just bought aluminum railings or planning on installing a set onto your stairs? Making sure you have everything in place and follow the right steps will ensure that the railings are secured properly. Here’s a helpful guide that can be used for many different railings.

A Guide To Installing Aluminum Railing On Stairs

First, you have the right tools for the job. You’ll want a cordless drill, Phillips screwdriver, measuring tape, and a rubber mallet. The railing set may include other materials that you will need such as clamps and screws.

Next you want to install the posts. The post is what will help reinforce the rails and provide support. You will have to add the post around 5 cm from the edges and then line them up evenly throughout the stairs. Markings will ensure that the installation is aligned.

You will be using the drill and screws to secure the post onto the surface. There may be additional instructions and tools depending on the surface that the aluminum deck railings will be installed onto.

Now it’s time to prepare the rails. Start by screwing on the vertical rails to the posts that you have installed. Make sure that it is secure. Then move onto the lower horizontal posts. They should connect to the vertical rails through a slot that you can drill or screw on.

Finally, you’ll want to install the pickets and the set of vertical rails to complete the aluminum deck railings. The order you install them will depend on the manufacturer’s guide. The easiest rail sets to install should have slots for both the metal pickets and slots for horizontal rails.

View of Aluminium Stair Railing and Joint Element

There are a couple of things that you have to watch out for when installing the railings. You always want to check to ensure that everything is evenly spaced out and aligned. Then you want to make sure the post and vertical rails are sturdy and secure.

You want to move on to checking the pickets and top rails. Look for loose screws and bad alignments so that you can correct errors. Test the rails one last time by wedging it back and forth. If they are secure and sturdy, it should have been installed successfully.

**Please note that this is a guide only for standard aluminum railings. Mclean Railings is not responsible for issues or damages for DIY projects regarding aluminum railings. It is advisable that to hire professional handle the project**

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