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How Much Do Glass Railings Cost?

Glass deck railings can add an elegant and modern look to your property, whether that be on your deck or your balcony. They have increasingly become a popular choice for those wanting a more custom finish to their build.


But are glass railings an affordable option?


We break down the benefits of glass railings and their potential costs.


Understanding the Cost of Glass Railings


The Benefits of Glass Railings




When it comes to glass, safety and security may not be the first descriptors that pop into your mind. However, the installation requirements that are associated with glass railings place a huge focus on safety. The posts and glass panes will be locked into place once the installation is complete.


If you choose to forego the top and bottom rails for a more transparent finish, the tempered glass will be altered to reflect this.




Glass railings are designed to meet North American safety standards, which ensures the glass is a minimum thickness. This is particularly important when these glass panes are intended for outdoor use. Therefore, similar to a car windshield, glass railings can withstand Canadian weather conditions, from hail to wind to everything in between.

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Additionally, you don’t need to concern yourself with hidden problems. As is the nature of glass, you’re able to see its condition without intense speculation. Wood railings, however, can be rotting from the inside, thus compromising its integrity, and you may not even be able to tell.


Varying Transparency


If privacy is a concern, you do have the option to customize your glass railings. Glass panes can be obscure, clear, or tinted, thus allowing for varying degrees of privacy. The style of pane you choose can also impact the overall aesthetic of your build.


The Cost of Glass Railings


How you choose to customize your glass deck railings will determine the cost. Therefore, the price tag will vary.


On average, glass railings can range from $150 to $400 per linear foot. For a more specific quote, it’s recommended that you speak with a professional that specializes in glass railings.


Glass is a more expensive material in comparison to other railing options. However, you’re getting out what you’re putting in. Its reliability and longevity result in higher upfront costs but lower maintenance fees and a greater amount of time before replacement is necessary.


Glass railings’ sleek and elegant design can be an appealing option for many. With numerous finish and style options, there’s sure to be a glass deck railing for you!


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