9 Deck Railing Ideas to Try this Summer

There are many reasons to try and spruce up your deck railings this summer. First, the pandemic has made outdoor activities much more enjoyable. Second, we often look at this area without any creative intent, in spite of its versatility. And finally, with all of the extra time at our homes, changing small areas has a big effect on the overall enjoyment of the space.

9 Deck Railing Ideas

Add Unique Latticework

Latticework fits well into the top of deck railings. But it can also go behind or in front of the spacers. Make it unique by painting it with your kids, or threading some colourful string through the holes. 

Install Glass Wind Walls

Installing glass wind walls has a variety of benefits. Plus, you can get even more creative when decorating after their successful installation.

Hang Flower Pots

The best part of decking, in general, is the connection to nature. However, you can never have too much of that connection, so consider adding some hanging flower pots. Or, if you have concerns about wind or safety, go with some small potted plants. 

Try Built-in Seating

There are many fun ways to incorporate built-in seating to your deck railings. One of those ways is through a direct connection between the railing and the seating. However, you can also add seating and affix it to the railing afterward. A word of caution, though, make sure you have sturdy railing before you begin your construction.


Bauble Up the Middle of the Railing

The middle of your railing is a great place to show off your style. You can try small charms, handmade artwork, soft lighting, vines, and lots of other fun knick-knacks. Go for a personal feel, and you will be rewarded.

Try a Smoker

While this isn’t necessarily for your deck railing, smokers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In reality, there is probably a good reason for this. The fact that, much like a barbeque, a smoker gives you a good reason to spend some quality time on your deck.

Experiment with Thrifty Furniture

There is often a lot of emphasis put on matching patio sets and decking furniture. However, if you don’t have a particular attachment to order or tidiness, there is really nothing stopping you from creating something unique. Mismatched furniture that is comfy and clean is still just as pleasant for lounging!

Repaint Your Deck

Instead of adding something to your deck, consider revamping what you already have. There are many different ways to repaint your deck. For instance, if your deck is made of large boards, consider alternating the colour scheme to give a sense of class and elegance. 

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden doesn’t have to happen away from your deck. A great example of this is planting vines that will grow and interweave with the structure. Or, plant trees far enough away that eventually you can pluck their delicious fruit right from your deck, and get a natural privacy screen to boot!

Start with the Right Deck Railing

The best way to utilize these fun and creative ideas is through the right deck railing. Give us a call and find yours today!

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