5 Reasons to Install Glass Wind Walls

Take a moment to look outside and observe your deck. Does it have everything you want on it? Aluminum deck railings, sturdy construction, and a lovely seating area are perhaps on your list of wants. However, what people often find with their decks is a lack of privacy or poor placement. 

Luckily, there is a solution within reach, which is glass wind walls. These stylish additions to your deck bring privacy, a welcome windbreak, and a great style that really brings out the best features of your deck. To learn more about how these lovely devices can improve your deck, continue reading.


5 Reasons for You to Get Glass Wind Walls

1. Privacy

The first item on our list is also the one that most often gets people interested in glass wind walls. No one goes to their deck looking to make a secret of their business, but morning yoga certainly improves with a bit of privacy. Similarly, small parties with your loved ones and late-night sits also have a feeling of enhancement when they come with some extra privacy.

2. Windbreak

One of the more concrete, useful features of glass wind walls is the windbreak. If you have a raised deck or one that faces an open space, you are likely already aware of the frustration of windy days. Watching cards fly away, dust sprinkling your meal, and sudden, unprovoked gusts are all parts of the decking experience without the help of glass wind walls.

3. Style

Natural-looking, frosted glass is an aesthetic that really showcases class and elegance. Adding these to your deck is a great way to improve the look of your deck, not to mention the more utilitous features above.  

4. Decoration

You should not overlook the potential to decorate your glass wind walls. With the additional space of them, in conjunction with your aluminum deck railings, you are essentially gaining access to a large swath of vertical space. Christmas or fairy lights, erasable glass markers, or even stained glass can revolutionize the way your glass wind walls show their lasting appeal.

5. Gardening

While it is true that the aesthetic appeal of glass wind walls rivals any other deck placement, there is actually a way to make them look even more appealing. Of course, this is taking a natural approach to your glass wind walls. Consider draping some lovely vines on the side that faces your deck to bring a bit of natural beauty to your deck. Or, add a couple of hanging racks and put in planters full of lovely flowers or herbs.

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