Why Do Deck Railings Get Power Coated?

Certainly, you’ve seen it before. A lovely looking aluminum frame coated with a semi-matte, black finish. The process is powder coating, and it provides a necessary layer of protection for a variety of metals and consumer goods alike. The style and product that applicators apply also changes depending on the use. But, overall, the similarities are more than the sum of the differences.

What Does Powder Coating Do for Deck Railings?

Easily the most important function of powder coating your deck railings is the protection. When you apply a powder coating to a metal such as aluminum, it forms a protective layer that insulates the base material from corrosion. 

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a significant factor in our lives, and far more so than people credit it. Essentially, the process of corrosion begins with the loss of positively-charged materials (anodes) as they transfer their energy to surrounding negatively-charged materials (cathodes). During this energy transfer, they undergo chemical changes and produce corrosion by-products. You’ve likely seen these before in the form of rust or pitting on older metal structures.

There is more to the process of corrosion, but this brief description informs the utility of powder coating. Powder coating masks both the anodes and cathodes and prevents the transfer of energy through corrosion. 


Additionally, powder coating performs a secondary function, which may have more interest to the general population, and that is the ability to colour your aluminum in any shade you like. Some people prefer to take their time in choosing a colour because they want it to match with the rest of their home and function as a stylistic expression of their personality. However, if this isn’t your chief interest, there is also the option of choosing black or white, in general terms. 

Just remember, when choosing colours for your deck railings through powder coating, the decision isn’t permanent. With ease, remove all parts of quality deck railings and repaint if you don’t like your initial choice. However, when going down this path remember, you should prepare the surface through cleaning before you apply the next coat.

In doing so, you will prevent trapping harmful or deleterious material between each of the coats, and you will have a much longer protective, aesthetic coating system as a result.

Find Your Premium Deck Railings with Ease

Finding quality, powder-coated deck railings is a simple process when you consult with the experts and remember the tips discussed above. Happy hunting, and best of luck with your next deck project!

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