Glass circular staircase from above

Steps To Getting A Custom Aluminum Stair Railing

When you decide to get a custom aluminum stair railing you will likely need to do some research. It is a complicated process that requires planning and the help of excellent craftsmanship. 

Furthermore, when planning for this type of custom piece it will be important to consider the mechanism by which you travel on the stairs. Will it be a small spiral staircase that doesn’t require much room, or will it be the more common 90° landing with several smaller flights of stairs? These are important considerations because it will affect the cost, amount of material required, and the skill level of the installers and producers.

However, this doesn’t mean either option is less available than the other. It just means that you will have to follow a similar process and make sure you are prepared for whichever option you are most fond of. The process should begin with:

Designing Your Custom Aluminum Stair Railings

As we briefly touched on before, the design of the aluminum stair railing you want will make quite a bit of difference in almost all of the factors involved. A tight, spiraling staircase will have to be built for the area that it will fit in which can be difficult if it is a very short distance because of the regulations for the typical rise of a stair. 

View of Aluminium Stair Railing and Joint Element

Similarly, the type of aluminum will be an important consideration. Elegant, but simple tubing will be much more inexpensive than a twisted, wrought-iron looking aluminum railing. Don’t be afraid to change your design multiple times until you are sure you have the right look and feel for your unique project, and remember that consultation with professionals will be beneficial.

Finding the Right Custom Aluminum Stair Railing Builder

Finding the right aluminum stair railing builder can be just as important as the design phase. They must be qualified and sufficiently experienced, and it is a rare trade to have custom stair railing makers available. This is why it is important not to go with the first company that you find, but instead do proper research, including looking at previous projects for the prospective builder. 

All of this preamble will result in finding the perfect builder for your custom aluminum stair railings. It also helps to check current building regulations in your area so that your design will closely match the regulations of your government’s official building codes and regulations.

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